You take care of your business, we'll get your finances right.

We are an experienced team of an Expat Business Consultant and 4 Accountants

About Us

Alexio's core business is Consultancy / Accounting / Taxes / VAT for self-employed and small businesses owned by Expats in Czech Republic.

  • Since 2008 we have assisted 100s of entrepreneurs
  • We speak English, Dutch, German & Czech
  • A good Accountant or Consultant will save you time and money

Our combined Expat Know-How and skills allow us to better understand you than an average Czech accounting company, resulting in high quality services with a reasonable pricetag.

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Accounting & advisory services for Foreigners in CZ

Business Consultancy

For ordinary people. Employees, the self-employed, small company owners. We'll help start your business, calculate Taxes / Social / Health exactly, How-To's: Clients abroad, Foreign-sourced income, DTAs and much more...

Accounting Services

Monthly or Quarterly Accounting & VAT Returns for small companies.

Payroll Services

Registration of foreign companies, Employment Contract drafts, Registering & Deregistering (foreign) Employees, monthly Payroll etc. etc.

Annual Income Tax Returns

For SROs, Trade Licenses & other free professions, Employees, Rental Income, Investments - we do it all!

Big Changes! vs

It has been long overdue, but finally, our websites are now readable on phone and tablet. I am still busy adding, updating and formatting content, but the framework has been completed.

We've been running Expat Accountant and for many years parallel to eachother, which has lead to confusion in the past because it was no so clear which services were offered where so it was decided to re-arrange the services according to the most common types of business, namely 'SRO Company' and 'self-employment'.

  • B2B for SROs and foreign companies - Consultation / Acounting / Taxes / Payroll
  • B2C for self-employed & private individuals - Consultation / Registration / Accounting / Taxes is for independent IT specialists, consultants, digital nomads and alike, is for all things corporate. fees are without VAT, fees are always with VAT.

The people behind both websites have not changed!
But the way that services will be invoiced has, so that people who are not Full-VAT registered don't have to pay 21% VAT.

Gradually I will be adding new content to both websites.
If you are self-employed and can spare a moment, have a look at the Knowledgebase / Blog

On I have revised all pages, for example Employee Net, Gross, Supergross Salary and created an interactive form which will answer most common VAT questions. More interactive forms are to follow soon.

I was / am / will remain actively involved through both websites and of course always happy to help you.

Looking forward to working with you,

ing. Roald A van de Munt,
Owner / Senior Consultant

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