- Expat Accountant in Prague is the one-stop shop for all (business) needs of foreigners and expats in Czech Republic.

The owner is expat himself, from own experience he knows what issues a foreigner encounters in CZ.
We help you with selecting self-employment, setting up an sro or remaining employed at a (foreign) company.
We give no-nonsense accounting, VAT & tax advice for SMEs, freelancers, especially consultants and programmers.
This we have been doing for over a decade, in the mean time we have a customer base of 100s of clients.

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as life is returning to normal, so is our office.

Visits are possible again - provided that you book a time here: Drop off / Pick Up Documents

Phone / Email Consultations can be booked here: Business Consultation for Foreigners.

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Business Consultation for Foreigners with small companies (SMEs)

Any Questions about Accounting, Taxes, Visas, Setting up a Business in CZ? Book a Consultation!

Income Tax Return services

IMPORTANT: the CZ Government / Ministry of Finance will has announced measures to mitigate the effects of the Corona virus.

Published 12/03/2020, Updated 31/03/2020

The filing deadline for 2019 Income Tax Returns has been moved from 31.03.2020 to 30.06.2020 without the need to file for an extension, and without penalties for late filing.

VAT Reporting will continue as usual, for the first late filing no penalty will be charged, but for the next ones the penalty is only waived if there is proof it is due to the Corona virus

The 3rd and 4th wave of EET implementation has moved till 'the end of the crisis + 3 months'

You can find the entire publication (which is now outdated), translated into English here:
Tax Office CZ vs Corona virus.pdf

Read the Corona Newsletter 3 - 31.03.2020 and Corona Newsletter 4 - 16.04.2020 instead.

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Income Tax Return
Income Tax Return
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Income Tax Return
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Accounting Services

Accounting services for SROs (Czech limiteds), Trade Licenses (self-employment), Payroll administration

VAT Services

VAT services for SROs (Czech limiteds), Trade Licenses (self-employment), VAT Returns, EC Sales Lists, Kontrolni Hlaseni, EORI

Trade License (Živnostenský List) Registration Services

An ideal solution for a one-man business / consultant / programmer / teacher

Business Seat and Virtual Office

A registered address for your SRO or Trade License in Prague