Czechpoint, getting documents online or at the postoffice

Making it easier to get a výpis (an extract)

czechpoint The Czech government has launched Czechpoint in 2009 to make it easier to get official documents such as extracts for the trade license register, commercial court, land register, criminal record etc. etc.

The system can be used online at or at (larger) postoffices. The benefit is you can get documents from anywhere in Czech Republic, you do not have to travel anymore to the place the original document was issued.

Using Czechpoint or not

Commercial Court Extract

If you are considering using the Czechpoint at the Prague main post office in Jindřisšká for an extract of commercial court (výpis z obchodního rejstríku) you may as well go to the Commercial Court near Námestí Míru (Mestský soud v Praze, Slezská 9, 120 00 Praha 2) rightaway. Usually the lines are shorter.

Also for copies of the notarský zápis a trip to the Commercial Court is required, since these cannot be obtained at Czechpoint at all.

Trade License Extract

For an extract of the trade license register (výpis z živnostenského rejstríku) you also can go to any mestský úrád in Czech Republic. All offices have access to data of all trade licenses issued in Czech Republic.

Czech Criminal Extract

For a czech criminal extract (výpis z rejstríku trestů) it is better to go to CzechPoint, instead of the Criminal Court near metro Pražského Povstání (Rejstřík trestů, Soudni 1, Praha 4 Nusle), since you may have to wait for hours if there are long lines. Processing the request is immediate, at Czechpoint it usually takes 30 minutes. Note that for an czech criminal extract at Czechpoint a 3rd-Country National will need to show a birth certificate. Without it, you will have to go to the criminal court anyway since they do not require the birth certificate, only the passport.

Landregister / Kadastral Extract

As official government bodies now also can look directly in the Land Register near metro Kobylisy (Katastr / Ceský úrad zememerický a katastrální, Pod sídlištem 9/1800, Praha 8) there is no need anymore to bring a výpis z katastru when registering a trade license, but should you require one, then this can be done at Czechpoint. Note that sometimes it is hard to find with just the address, you may need the kadastral building number and apartment number (sooo, provide kadastral information in order to get a extract with the same info from the Katastr - yes, you read it right. It is backward.)

Using Czechpoint online

If you want to use the system online, at you must first have an electronic signature for some (but not all) documents. In order to get this electronic signature, you will have to wait for a registered letter that you can pick up at the post office. With that, you can order your document, which again will arrive in a registered letter. Kafka anyone?

Since the majority of the people only need official document sporadically (if at all), it seems that instead of ordering online, going to the Czechpoint at the postoffice is not only much quicker (you get your document on the spot) but also much less complicated.

Usefulness of Czechpoint documents

Czechpoint documents do always not look like the original documents. For example at commercial court you get an 'official copy' with the kolky (green, glued paper stamps), much like the original document.

The Czechpoint document is a printout you also can get yourself at, the only difference is that somebody stamped it to prove it is a legally valid copy.

Furthermore, notaries and czech authorities have nowadays access to an online database (basically the same as Czechpoint is using), so in many cases they do not even require a paper copy of your extracts anymore.

Czechpoint and Datové Schránky

There is however, one excellent reason for going to Czechpoint, and that is if you do not have access (or never had) to your datová schránka (databox). At Czechpoint they can restore your access, sending your username and longin in an email, so within hours you have access again.