Prague Virtual Office, Business Seat (sidlo), Registered Address

Alexio offers several virtual office solutions in Prague for your company (SRO) or trade license (živnostenský list). Different locations have different pricelevels - pricelevels also depend on services offered.

All locations allow you to register your business there and use that address for the authorities; a virtual office can *not* be used for a visa / residence permit - it is only meant as registered address for a business.

Occasionally, you will receive letters from the authorities in Czech - we offer a FREE translation service; this means that with your permission, we open the letter, explain by email in English what it's content is and whether any action should be taken (or that it is advertising / junk mail).
Should you require an official (court) translation then we can offer very reasonably fees for most European languages.

Also we offer meeting-room rental (per hour, half-a-day, day) and open workspace options for the busy entrepreneur that needs occasionally a decent space instead of hanging around in overcrowded Starbucks.

Virtual Office pricelist

Virtual Office
6 months 12 months 24 months 36 months
Prague 3 n.a. 7.100 12.200 15.500
Prague 9 n.a. 5.200 8.900 11.200

Alexio client: Businesses that use our monthly / quarterly accounting- or SRO / Trade License registration services

services VO Praha 3
for SRO or Trade License
VO Praha 9
only for Trade License
Registered Address Y Y
Correspondence Address Y Y
Mail Notification weekly, email or sms weekly, email or sms
Mail Forwarding weekly
Scans in Email content, max. 20 pages or envelope only content, max. 20 pages or envelope only
Translation Services FREE for documents in Czech from authorities FREE for documents in Czech from authorities
Meeting Room Meetingroom in Prague 3
FREE for authorities
Meetingroom in Prague 3
FREE for authorities
Meeting Room rental fee: 1000 CZK / Hour, 2500 CZK / 4 hours, 3500 CZK / day (see photos above)
other Open-workspace options (including fast Internet, printing / scanning / copying) upon agreement

  • Payment is in full in advance, in cash, bank transfer or Paypal.
  • Invoice without VAT possible for non-VAT registered businesses
  • For SROs only, a refundable deposit of 2.500 CZK is added.
  • Contracts are extended automatically by the same period as originally ordered.

Terminating the contract early, getting money back

If you decide to move to different address or stop your business, contracts can be terminated early, and the unused months and deposit will be refunded.

It works like this:

  • The notice period is 2 months (so inform 2 months before you move / stop your business),
  • Show official proof of registration at a different address or that you have deregistered your business,
  • The unused months will be recalculated according to how many complete years you have stayed,
  • In case you have paid a deposit, then also this deposit will be refunded.

Moving your SRO / Trade License Business Seat / Registered Address our Virtual Office

There are *no* additional costs when forming an SRO or registering a živnostenský list at our virtual offices.

But: in case your business is already registered somewhere else and you want to change your Business Seat / Registered address to our Virtual Office, registration changes may be needed at the authorities (Trade License Register, Commercial Court, Tax Office, Social Office, Health Insurance, mailforwarding at the post office, etc). This we are not able to do for free, since this is a lot of work (there is no central address register in Czech Republic, each authority needs to be informed separately).

Moving the business address of a Trade License is relatively easy in case Tax / Social / Health has been registered at the person's residence address instead of the business address. If the person remains resident at the same address, and only changes the buiness address, only a change at the Trade License Register is required, and not at all four authorities.

Moving the business seat of an SRO is much more complicated than moving a Trade License, since it requires interaction with a notary (for a document with the decision of the board to move the company), notarized signatures of the directors, a notarized POA for the person filing at Commercial Court, the purchase of a special Stamp for Court Fees and in any case a notification of address change at all relevant authorities.

No two cases are exactly the same, so it is best to discuss with us which authority needs to be informed when moving your business.

Other Services for new businesses and foreigners in Czech Republic

Alexio offers SRO Company Formation and Trade License (Živnostenský List) Registration services.

Furthermore, Alexio offers Accounting & Tax Filing Services