Business Seat and Virtual Office in Prague

Obligation to have a registered address (sídlo) for your business

Every business, whether it is an SRO company or a trade license business (živnostenský list) must be registered with a valid business seat (sídlo in Czech). This business seat does not have to be in the town where the actual business takes place, but must be inside Czech Republic.

Saving Time and Money NOT registering at an apartment or office location

Landlords do not always give permission to register your business at your rented (apartment) address or increase the rent in case they do give permission. Or, you have a short rental / lease contract for your office and will move soon.

In those cases it is better to register your business at a 'virtual office' already at the formation of the SRO or the registration of the živnostenský list, because changing the address of your business at the authorities (trade license register, commercial court, tax office, social office, health insurance etc) will cost a time and money (stamp fees) every time you move your company or trade license to a different address.

Moving Office location without Problem

Using a business seat provider or virtual office, there is no need to change your company / trade license registration documents, even if you decide to move 'yourself' to a different apartment or your business to a different office.
The business registation address remains the same, and doesn't move if it is at a business seat provider.

Saving costs without an office, using virtual office services

Some people prefer to work from home, or have no need to rent an entire office, so for a fraction of the cost of a real office, you will have a business address which is valid for the Czech authorities, and can be completely different from the address where you physically are (some people actually live abroad, but still maintain a TradeLicense in CZ for tax reasons).

With a virtual office of Alexio, a receptionist can answer incoming phone calls, take messages and forward them to your number. Also, if clients want to visit you, there is the possiblility to rent a meetingroom for a couple of hours or days.

Avoiding trouble with Tax Offices outside Prague

Also, it is a known fact that Financial Offices and other government bodies outside Prague can be extremely difficult, because they are not used to dealing with foreigners. If you register your business seat of your SRO in Prague (even if you are physically located outside Prague), you will fall under the Prague authorities, making your life a lot easier.

Registering SRO companies for the purpose of Business Visa Application.

3rd-Country Nationals that wish to apply for a Business Visa must have a valid purpose of stay (the SRO company or the trade license). For filing the application, proof of existence of the business is necessary, and for this a valid business seat is essential.

Since the company owners are not yet in Czech Republic, it makes no sense to hire a complete office and also the experience is that newcomers to Czech Republic move within a few months of arrival, so it is not a good idea to use your residence address in Czech Republic for registering your business (see above).

Relatively a high percentage of 3rd-Country Nationals that order an SRO company from abroad become victim of financial fraud, so for your own peace of mind, register your business at a safe and trusted address, the business seat provider, not at an address of a loandlord you hardly know.

Types of Business Seats / Service Level

There are basically two types of 'hotels':
  • The Business Seat (sídlo) - is only an address for company registration accepted by the authorities, with or without mail forwarding.
  • The Virtual Office - does everything a business seat does, but in addition, a receptionist will answer a call, and forward it to your mobile or instruct the caller to email. Usually it is also possible to rent a meetingroom for some hours or a day, so you can receive your clients there.

Prestige and Price level

Although business seats and virtual offices are being offered for many 1.000s of CZK per month at a prestigeous location, the reality is that everyone knows or can find out if your address 'is real and yours or not' (it takes 1 Google search), so the claimed extra value of an expensive address in the very center of town is virtually zero.

Also, it makes no sense to pay 5.000 CZK / month for a virtual office. For that money you can rent a real office!
Even in Prague 1 (the most expensive part of town) where is located, it is possible to rent an office for that knind of money.

Therefore Alexio recommends to use cheaper solutions outside the direct center, which typically start from a couple of 100 CZK / month.

Alexio Business Seat, Virtual Office Solutions and Shared Office Rent

In cooperation with our trusted partners, Alexio can offer 3 solutions for your business:
  • Business Seat (sídlo) - only registration address for the authorities, including mail forwarding,
  • Virtual Office = the above + a secretary answering the phone on your behalf,
  • Renting a real Office - Alexio is not a real-estate agent, but can help you find the right office for you and look at the rental contract before you sign it.