Book an Email Consultation with an Expat Business Consultant

The email consultation works best if you send a list of questions to and we send answers. The email exchange does not necessarily take place in a (one) specific hour; on average it takes 3-4 emails before all of your questions are answered.

Below we ask for your name and email address so we can match the your questions to a payment.

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Holiday Season - limitations in service

Between 23/07 and 9/8 the accountants are on holiday, but the assistant is there on certain days,
you can book a time here: Quick Drop Off / Pick Up / Signing Documents

Between 10/8 and 23/8 the reception is closed, but the accountants will be in the office but not on all days.
If you want to stop by please agree with one of them prior to visiting.

During all this time, business consultations can be booked, also during evenings and weekends, see Business Consultation for Foreigners