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Important Notice valid from 21/10/2020

Due to the government resolution of 21/10/2020 to reduce interpersonal contact and (partly) close certain types of businesses and government offices hereby we would like to announce the following:

We are functioning, but with the following restrictions:
  • (so far) Accounting services have not been forced to close down, but colleagues will work from home as much as possible and may respond slower,
  • Government offices will be open only twice a week for 5 hours - it is to be expected that registrations and obtaining documents will take longer than usual,
  • For certain tasks it is possible to use electronic communication (via the datova schranka). However, our experience from the last lock down is that this does not lead to faster response from the authorities, since an estimated 60% of the government employees is anyway home.
Paper Drop off: You can book a time here: Quick Drop Off / Pick Up / Signing Documents. Best is to contact our office first - in certain situations a scan/copy instead of an original is acceptable and a visit is not necessary.

Business consultations: can be booked as usual, see Business Consultation for Foreigners

Visa / Residence Permits: See for opening hours and restrictions of the foreign police here: Solving residence matters of foreign nationals in the territory of the CZ in connection with COVID-19 (external link to Ministy of Interior)