Basic Minimum Liability Insurance for Foreigners in Czech Republic

Read First: Limitations

Emergency Health Insurance only offers urgent / acute care coverage (in case of an accident etc) but no coverage for normal non-urgent visits to the hospital, doctor or dentist. It only covers the basic liability as required by the Ministry of Interior. If you also want to be insured for normal visits to hospital, doctor or dentist then take the Complex Care Insurance.

Some embassies only accept the Emergency Health Insurance for tourist purposes, but not for any other purposes of stay! Check this with your local embassy.

Emergency Health Insurance is only suitable for the first visa, for extending a visa the Complex Care Health Insurance is a requirement, so in order to avoid any problems, it is recommended to take Complex Care Insurance right from the start, when applying or the first visa.

Quick overview of all Emergency type offers

Company Type Age 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months Coverage
CZ / Schengen
Buy Online/
Contact Us
Maxima health insurance Basic 0-99 400 CZK 1.150 CZK 2.300 CZK 4.600 CZK yes / no € 60.000 400.000 CZK Buy Online
Maxima health insurance Premium 0-99 500 CZK 1.500 CZK 2.900 CZK 6.000 CZK yes / yes € 80.000 400.000 CZK Buy Online
AXA Health Insurance   0-99 510 CZK 1.320 CZK 4.060 CZK 5.280 CZK yes / yes € 60.000 400.000 CZK Buy Online
PVZP Health Insurance   0-99 750 CZK 2.250 CZK 4.500 CZK 4.970 CZK yes / yes € 60.000 400.000 CZK Contact Us
Uniqa Health Insurance   0-18 375 CZK 1.125 CZK 2.250 CZK 4.500 CZK yes / no € 60.000 400.000 CZK Contact Us
Uniqa Health Insurance   18-60 400 CZK 1.200 CZK 2.400 CZK 4.800 CZK yes / no € 60.000 400.000 CZK Contact Us
Due to fluctuations, the prices in this table may not always be up-to-date. Leading is the price of the Insurance Company at time of purchase.

All Health Insurance for Foreigners offered here comply to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Interior / Foreign Police, as outlined in this official text