Czech Health Insurance for Foreigners

Health Care for Foreigners in Czech Republic comes in 2 forms, either as Commercial Health Insurance or as Public Health Care.

non-EU citizens (3rd Country Nationals)

As a rule of thumb, non-EU citizens on a Visa, usually require Commercial health Insurance, since they usually cannot enroll into Public Health Care. Note that there are many exceptions to this basic rule.

Czech Public Health Care for (some) US Citizens - READ this important Information

EU citizens

EU citizens with a gain ful activity (employment or self-employment) almost always enroll into the Czech Public Health Care, instead of the Public Health Care in their own country. For long-term, for an EU-citizen, Commercial Health Insurance is not suitable, especially if he /she is employed or self-employed OR has a permanent residence permit.

Buy Online Commercial Health Insurance

A Commercial Health Insurance you can buy directly online on this website.
Payment is by Credit Card or bank transfer and you can download the documents as pdfs right away.

Buy Online

Buy Online

In case you are unable to pay online, have any questions or cannot find the type of Insurance you want, please contact us before ordering anything online (once bought, we cannot cancel it anymore).

We have several more payment options (Paypal, international bank transfer), and have many more insurance types that the insurance companies do not offer online.

Registering at Public Health Care

Registering at Public Health Care is quite complex - no online registration system exists. It is almost always a tailor-made job, even for EU-Citizens.

Surprisingly, many 3rd-Country Nationals can enroll into Public Health Care if certain conditions are fulfilled. The same applies for non-EU children and spouses; many can be insured under the Public Health Care of the EU spouse (without any extra monthly contribution).

Most insurance agents and sales outlets do not know these methods, are unfamiliar with all the exceptions for foreigners or rather sell commercial health insurance than finding an optimum / cheaper solution, using Public Health Care (it is easier for them, and they get a sales bonus).

Since Registering at Public Health Care is a tailor-made job, we recommend contacting us to discuss the options.

Public Health Care

Insurance Selector

To get a basic understanding about different options, we recommend using the Health Insurance Selector. It will take less than a minute, and no personal data needs to be filled in.

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