Preparing and Filing Employee / Personal Income Tax Return offers accounting services, claims tax deductions and files Personal Income Tax Returns for foreigners working and living in Czech Republic, a employee or with foreign sources of income.

Every year many employees miss out on tax benefits because 90% of the companies do not file a Tax Return for their employees, but only provide an annual income overview (which is not a tax return).

In a typical 2-child family, these benefits are +/- 70.000 CZK annually! Not filing a tax return also means missing out on tax reductions for paid mortgage interests, paid life insurance and gifts.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to claim tax benefits up to 3 years back!

Read more about claiming (lost) tax benefits here:

What is the fee for Preparing and Filing a Personal Income Tax Return?

The Order form will display the fee according to the type of income you select on that form.
There are several options to choose from, select the one(s) that best describes your situation.

What is included in the Personal Income Tax Return fee?

Included in the fee are the following elements:
  • a Questionnaire and a Checklist so you know what documents to prepare
  • 6 hours * of Admin / Accounting service,
  • calculation of Tax Benefits,
  • explanation of the entire Tax Return,
  • we file the Tax Return at the Tax Office for you (so no need to do this yourself),
  • You get a paper copy / scan of the Tax Return with a stamp of the Tax Office.
  • Optional: a business consultation about your income, changes to legislation / taxes, future in CZ

Admin / Accounting service in excess of 6 hours will be charged according to our standard pricelist.

It is possible to do everything remotely, without visiting our office. You can send in your documents by mail / email / Google Drive share. In this case we will need a signed paper original Power of Attorney for filing.

After Filling in the Order Form, you will be able to download a Questionnaire and a Checklist that will explain which documents you will need to provide to us.

Friendly reminder: your Order for a Tax Return and your papers need to be in our office by 01.03.2020!

If we can not start processing your file by 01.03.2020 we may have to file for an extension

Orders after 01.03.2020 will be extended by default, which allow to file any time between now and 30.06.2020

Thank you & Looking forward to your Order.
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Important: Document Intake Deadline 1.03 (March 1st), Filing Deadline is 31.03 (March 31st)

It is possible to File or Extend a Personal Income Tax Return for the previous year between 1.1 and 31.03 of the following year.

However, we also need time to process and prepare your Tax Return. Therefore, we need all of your papers and POAs LATEST by 1.03 (March 1st) - if it is later, it may be necessary to extend the filing (by 3 months).

AFTER 31.03,we can still prepare and file your Tax Return (without extending), but it would be a LATE FILING and the Tax Office will charge a penalty, which will become higher the longer you wait with filing the Tax Return.

See also Extending and Filing an Income Tax Return

Important: Filing before the end of the calendar year

Filing an Income Tax Return for a calendar year that is not yet finished is not possible. The earliest occasion to file is after the year has ended, even if you will leave Czech Republic before the year's end. Also complete de-registration from Tax / Social / Health systems will be possible only after filing the Income Tax Return.

It is possible to already order the Tax Return during the year- we just will not be able to process and file the Return until the new year, although we will be able to tell you whether it makes sense to file and if so, whether you would be entitled to receive anything back from the Tax Office.

Important: Even if you have paid years Social-, Pension- and Heath contributions - there is no way to claim any of those back, even not with a filed Income Tax Return.