How to pay taxes to Bank Accounts of the Czech Tax Offices, in 3 steps

or: How to compile the bank account number for the right kind of tax at the right tax office

Not even paying taxes in Czech Republic is simple. There used to be 199 taxoffices, each with their own bank account. Since 1.1.2014 those have been grouped into 14 taxoffices, one for each 'kraj' (province), so the amount of bank accounts also got reduced to 14.

Having 14 bank accounts has the consequence, that if you move to a different city in a different province, you will have to pay taxes to a different bank account!

To make matters more complicated, the first digits of the bank account (the 'pre-number') are determined by the kind of taxes to be paid! See step 2. (this has not changed from the old situation.)

A list of how the old taxoffices are grouped now can be found here: 45102-12-JD-Priloha_c.1.xls

1: You will need to know your DIČ and which Tax Office you belong to.

If you have a company or trade license and have no idea, or want to check, follow the instructions on this page:

Note: If you are a private individual, trade license holder or employee it is possible that as a foreigner you are not registered at the tax office at all. In that case we first need to register you in order to get the DIČ. There is no way to check online your Tax ID, this information is only available at the tax office. In case you have a rodné číslo (Birth Number) then the DIČ should be equal to the rodné číslo (should: there are foreigners who do not have a rodné číslo or got it later than their DIČ, and so the numbers are different - this must be corrected if this is the case.)

2: Select the right account pre-number for the kind of tax you want to pay

Type of Tax to be paid account
Gift Tax
Dan darovací
Inheritance Tax
Dan dedická
Road Tax (in addition to the highway sticker - for company cars only)
Dan silnicní
Real Estate Tax
Dan z nemovitostí
Property Transfer Tax
Dan z prevodu nemovitostí
Value Added Tax
Dan z pridané hodnoty
Income Tax for Individuals
Dan z príjmu fyzických osob – vybíraná srážkou podle zvláštní sazby
Income tax returns of individuals filing a tax return
Dan z príjmu fyzických osob podávajících priznání
Tax on personal income from employment and functional benefits
Dan z príjmu fyzických osob ze závislé cinnosti a funkcních požitku
Tax on corporate income
Dan z príjmu právnických osob
Tax on corporate income tax, withheld at special rates
Dan z príjmu právnických osob -vybíraná srážkou podle zvláštní sazby
A complete list of all taxes that exist can be found here: 45102-12-JD-Priloha_c.4.xls

3: Select the right bank account number for your tax office

Name of Tax OfficeBased inBank AccountBank Code
"Název financního úradu""Sídlo financního úradu"Matrika"Kód banky"
Specializovaný financní úradPraha776200210710
Financní úrad pro hlavní mesto PrahuPraha776280310710
Financní úrad pro Stredoceský krajPraha776281110710
Financní úrad pro Jihoceský krajCeské Budejovice776272310710
Financní úrad pro Plzenský krajPlzen776273110710
Financní úrad pro Karlovarský krajKarlovy Vary776293410710
Financní úrad pro Ústecký krajÚstí nad Labem776214110710
Financní úrad pro Liberecký krajLiberec776284610710
Financní úrad pro Královéhradecký krajHradec Králové 776265110710
Financní úrad pro Pardubický krajPardubice776225610710
Financní úrad pro Kraj VysocinaJihlava676266810710
Financní úrad pro Jihomoravský krajBrno776286210710
Financní úrad pro Olomoucký krajOlomouc476238110710
Financní úrad pro Moravskoslezský krajOstrava 776217610710
Financní úrad pro Zlínský krajZlín476206610710
A list of all 14 new taxes offices can be found here: 45102-12-JD-Priloha_c.2.xls

Format for paying taxes is: variable symbol [1: your DIČ],

to account (number consist of 2 parts) [2: account pre-number] - [3: account number]

at CNB [bank code 0710]

Example: the right account for paying VAT in Prague:
variable symbol: your DIČ, account number 705 - 77628031, bank code 0710

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