Preparing and Filing an SRO Corporate Income Tax Return offers Accounting & Tax services and files Corporate Income Tax Returns for SRO limited companies in Czech Republic. We can also file the Personal Income Tax Returns for directors and employees.

What is the fee for Preparing and Filing a Tax Return?

The Order form will display the fee according to the type of Tax Return you select on that form.

The basic fee is 7500 CZK for the package described below, for SROs with minimal papers. If the SRO had activities during the year, there will be additional admin / accounting fees.

What included in the fee for a SRO Corporate Income Tax Return?

Included in the fee are the following elements:
  • a Checklist so you know what documents to prepare
  • 4 hours * of Admin / Accounting service,
  • explanation of the Financial Results of the Company,
  • preparing the Annual Statement of the Board,
  • we file the Tax Return at the Tax Office for you (so no need to do this yourself),
  • You get a paper copy / scan of the Tax Return with a stamp of the Tax Office.
  • Optional: a business consultation about your business, changes to legislation / taxes, future in CZ

Admin / Accounting service in excess of 4 hours will be charged according to our standard pricelist.

It is also possible to do everything remotely, without visiting our office. You can send in your documents by mail / email / Google Drive share.

After Filling in the Order Form, you will be able to download a Checklist that will explain which documents you will need to provide to us.

After the hap-happiest season of the year comes the bus-busiest season of the year

Order your Tax Return in time! Do not wait till the very last moment. In January would be ideal.

We have capacity for only a few hundred clients, on a first-come first-serve basis.

Thank you & Looking forward to your Order.
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Important: Document Intake Deadline 1.03 (March 1st), Filing Deadline is 31.03 (March 31st)

It is possible to file or extend a Corporate Income Tax Return for the previous year between 1.1 and 31.03 of the following year.

However, we also need time to process and prepare your Tax Return. Therefore, we need all of your papers and POAs LATEST by 1.03 (March 1st) - if it is later, it is possible / may be necessary to extend the filing (by 3 months).

AFTER 31.03 we can still prepare and file your Tax Return (without extending), but it will be a LATE FILING and the Tax Office will charge a penalty, which will become higher the longer you wait with filing the Tax Return.

See also Extending and Filing an Income Tax Return