Links to useful online resources for Expats / Foreigners in Czech Republic

Other Alexio websites:

  • Trade - our website on registering self-employment / a živnostenský list.

English language general interest sites for foreigners:

English language travel guide:

English language DOCTOR (General Practitioner)

  • Ordinace Karlin - Šaldova 24, Praha 8 Karlín, tel.:224 818 214,

Czech government site for foreigners:

  • - Official government webpages of CZ, multilingual!
  • Doma v - pages on life in CZ, multilingual!

official CNB Czech Central Bank exchange rates:

Czech language general interest sites:

  • - search engine, free email, news, weather, maps, dictionary.
  • - map / routeplanning for entire Europe

Addresses of Tax, Social and Health (VZP) in Prague

Government Bodies:

  • MVCR.CZ - Ministry of Internal Affairs, Visa and Residence Permits
  • - Prague city portal
  • - Czech Tax Administration, english pages
  • - Czech Social Security, english pages
  • - Czech National Bank site, exchange rates, english pages
  • - Czech Commercial Court, search engine for companies data
  • RŽ - Živnostenský rejstrík, search engine for company trade licenses
  • - Ministry of Industry and Trade, english pages

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