Just Drop Off / Pick Up / Signing Documents?

Tell our Expat Assistant when you are coming!

Our Expat Assistant is not able to answer complex business / visa / accounting questions - for that you'll have to book a real consultation here: Business Consultation for Foreigners

Dear Customer,

in an attempt to limit the spread of the Corona virus, until further notice the accountants and assistants work through home office and the office at Manesova 19, Prague 2 is CLOSED.

Visits to the office will *NOT* be possible - everything will be handled by email / phone.

Before sending *ANY* paper mail, please contact us first for an alternative address.

Phone / Email Consultations *CAN* be booked during this time,
for availability see Business Consultation for Foreigners.

Consider reading the Corona Newsletter 2 - 29.03.2020

Thank you for understanding, The Alexio Team.