EORI Customs Number Registration Service

General Advice

An EORI customs number is only necessary if your business is importing goods from outside EU.
For buying goods inside the EU, an EORI number is not required.

Goods are specified in 1000s of customs categories, and it depends on the category whether import duties (CLO), VAT or other taxes (excise duties) need to be paid on the imported goods.

In order to find out which taxes apply, we can look up the category, but in case of doubt it is better to consult a customs agent (on your behalf) to avoid problems later.

For goods from another EU country, there are never import duties (CLO), but depending on the goods category, VAT and/or excise duties may apply - typical examples are certain alcoholic beverages, tabacco, fuel.

Technically speaking, an EORI number can be acquired without VAT registration - but in case of certain goods categories VAT will have to be paid, so in that case it is wise to get a VAT registration as well.

For more information see VAT Services

Costs of an EORI Customs Number Registration

Alexio charges 3500 CZK for an EORI Customs Number registration for an sro or trade licence, provided that all required documents are available.

If some documents are missing, we can obtain them on your behalf for a fee of 750 CZK/hr + stampduties of the authorities (usually a few 100s of CZK).

There is no need for the director / business owner to come to Prague; it is possible to handle everything remotely by email / DHL (extra fees apply).