Applying for a Residence Permit for Czech Republic

Czech Republic has several Residence Permit types, listed below

Residence Permit Types

  • Short-term Residence Permit - for stays shorter than a year,
  • Temporary (Long-term) Residence Permit - for stays over 1 year,
  • Permanent Residence Permit - valid for 10 years,
  • Czech Citizenship - almost not possible to obtain.

A 3rd-Country National does not get a Residence Permit right away, unless very special circumstances apply. A 3rd-Country National will therefore in practise first get a C+D Visa, which will be extended, each time by 1 year or 2 years, depending on the type of Visa.

After 5 continuous years of stay in Czech Republic on a visa an application for a Permanent Residence Permit can be made. We get many requests for (permanent) Residence Permits or even Czech citizenship from people that have never been in Czech Republic, but please understand this is an impossible goal.

Long-term Residence Permit, over 1 year

A Temporary (long-term) Residence Permit will only be issued if there is enough proof that the intended stay will be longer than 1 year, such as:

  • a marriage / partnership with a CZ / EU citizen OR children with an EU nationality,
  • the employer guarantees a jobcontract longer than a year (rare),
  • born in Czech Republic / Czech passport, but always lived somewhere else (even more rare)

In all other cases it is easier for 3rd-Country Nationals to get an extension of the D Visa than a Temporary Residence Permit.

If you want to apply for a long-term Residence Permit (přechodní pobyt) at the Foreign Police in Czech Republic you must already have the C+D Visa or D Visa and the purpose of stay is unchanged (or changed it well before ).

3rd-Country Nationals that are married / have a partnership with an EU / CZ citizen OR have children with an EU nationality are entitled to get the Temporary Residence Permit, because by EU law they enjoy the same rights as their partner / child. This Temporary Residence Permit is valid for 5 years.

Ministry of Interior: 3rd-Country National Long-term Residence Permit (external link)

Nowadays The Foreign Police issues D Visa Extensions for Business Purposes that are valid for a maximum of 2 years instead of the temporary Residence Permit.

Permanent Residence Permit for #rd-Country Nationals

A Permanent Residence Permit (trvalý pobyt) may be applied for on the basis of:

  • humanitarian reasons - extremely rare,
  • living continuously in CZ for a period of 5 years on basis of a visa,
  • being married to a CZ national for at least two years.

Nowadays the applicant also needs to pass a Czech language test (!)

Also note that years on certain visa types (espe. student visas) only count half. 4 years a student = 2 years towards a permanent residence permit.

Probably the biggest advantage of the Permanent Residence Permit is that the holder no longer needs to have a Work Permit nor has to extend their Business Visa and the person is (finally) in Public Helath Care.

The validity of the 'permanent' Residence Permit is 10 years, and can be extended every time by 10 years, between 90 and 30 days before date of expiration.

Ministry of Interior: 3rd-Country National Permanent Residence Permit (external link)

RULES ARE DIFFERENT FOR EU-CITIZENS. See the appropriate page.

Czech Citizenship (Czech Nationality)

Obtaining immediately Czech citizenship is for 99% of the foreigners impossible.
Only after many years residence in Czech Republic, a foreigner can apply for Czech Nationality (In practise: after at least 5 years on a permanent residence permit).

Only if you were born in Czech or Slovak Republic or there are direct family ties linking you to a Czech National you may have a chance to get it fairly soon.

Our Visa specialist must examine your case on individual basis before being able to say anything about it.

Ministry of Interior: Granting Czech Nationality (external link)