Registered Partnership instead of Visa in Czech Republic

Any 3rd-Country National that wants to stay legally in Czech Republic has to deal with the fact that he or she needs a Visa or a Residence Permit, and therefore must have a valid purpose of stay.

Most common Purposes of Stay:

  • Visa for employment purposes + Work Permit,
  • Business Visa, using a trade license or SRO company,
  • Temporary Residence Permit on the basis of marriage / family.

The hassle with the Employment Visa is always that if the job ends, the Visa ends.
If you do not have a new job and Work Permit then your chances of being able to stay are very small.

Problems of a different kind, but equally annoying, time- and money consuming are the constant renewal of the Business Visa, which implies that every year you need to get statements from the tax office and social office that your business doesn't have debts and of course, for trade licenses, the annual re-registration at commercial court.

The lucky ones are those who married an EU-Citizen. Getting married entitles you to get a special residence permit on the basis of marriage and all the above problems are a thing of the past.

BUT there is hope for people who are not able to marry in Czech Republic because of their sexual orientation and that is the registered partnership.

Registered Partnership

Since a number of years there is a thing called 'registered partnership' which is recognized by the EU.
It is not quite a marriage, although you need to produce much of the same papers in order to get it.

The benefit is that this 'registered partnership' has almost the same status as a marriage, so a 3rd-Country National can get a temporary EU Residence Permit with it. It is a solution for people who are of the same sex. The other important condition is that at least one of the partners is Czech.

Conditions for the Registered Partnership in Czech Republic

  • both partners are of the same sex
  • both partners must be older than 18 years
  • at least one of the partners is Czech
  • none of the partners was married before
  • none of the patrtners is currently married or has a registered partnership

The Problems with the Registered Partnership

The problem with the registered partnership is that workers in townhalls in Czech Republic, especially outside Prague, most of the time have never heard of it.

Registering a Registered Partnership

A registered partnership is not done in 5 minutes, and many papers such as birth certificate, proof of being single etc must be presented in legalized translated forms to townhall / Foreign Police. Also, be prepared that both partners will be seperated and subjected to an interview in order to establish the true motivation.

De-Registering a Registered Partnership

De-registering a registered partnership is necessary if the two partners split up, because as long as the registered partnership is active, it is not possible to register with someone else or get married. This de-registration is handled in the same way as a divorce, through court. If one of the partners decides to pack his suitcase and disappear, then this may become a complicated matter, since both will need to sign (!)

Registered Partnership between Man and Woman

In Czech Republic it is not possible to register as man and woman -although the situation is different in other EU countries, where it is possible to register as 'being together without being married'- and you are probably advised to 'just get married'.

One option might be the Durable Relationship. This is basically a 'registered partnership' for 'mixed-sex' couples. If you can prove you are in a durable relationship with a shared household, you could be considered family member of an EU citizen. See More information on the Ministry website

Benefits and Negative Sides of Visa, Registered Partnership, Marriage

  D Visa Registered
Visa Renewal necessary yes no, apply once for a Temporary Residence Permit no, apply once for a Temporary Residence Permit
Work Permit necessary yes no no
Proof of Financial means at renewal of Busineee Visa yes no no
Trade license registration and renewal at Commercial Court yes no no
Travelling in Europe without Visa no, C-Visa every time yes yes
Hassle with Papers every year once once
Un-do able no problem divorce through court divorce through court
Costs for every renewal one-time one-time
Must speak Czech (or use translator) at registration no no yes
Recognized outside EU - well... don't count on it yes
Non Czech partnership / marriage recognized here - only same-sex, partner is CZ yes, but only Residence Permit if one is EU Citizen


If you are serious about your relationship, I would definitely consider it. Both of your lives becomes a lot easier, just think of the annual stress of Visa renewal and the constant threat of being kicked out of your job and getting an exit-Visa. If you change partners like underwear it's probably not clever.

Information from the Czech government and Wikipedia

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