Business Visa & Residence Permit Information

As of 09/03/2018, Alexio will offer Visa & Residence Permit services to selected individuals only.

Due to the fact that the majority of people wanting a business visa are not real entrepreneurs and have no real intention / plan / finances / knowledge / experience / willingness to learn how to set up & create a business in Czech Republic, failure rate because of these factors is well above average.

Over 80% of the SROs formed in order to get a business visa will not take off and consequently is left for dead.

An estimated 30% of trade license applicants is not able to get or extend the business visa - mainly because of 3 reasons: 1) the embassy is not convinced of their story, 2) not being able to generate enough income, and 3) not following up on instructions. This then results in the Foreign Police / Ministry of Interior processing the visa (extension) very slowly or not at all.

Very few people understand the complexity and many steps in business visa application and extension. Even if executed correctly, they can take many months to complete and require active preparation & participation of the applicant. Ultimately the decision for granting is with the Foreign Police or Ministry of Interior, which can not be influenced except by proper documentation and complying to the requirements. There are no shortcuts.

Another frequent occurence is: the client tried to apply / extend a visa themselves, and received a 'vyzva' to which the client failed to respond adequately, too late or not at all - and then call for our services. We can't bend the rules, bribe someone or create some magical solution.

In case of a visa / visa extension denial, instead of taking own responsibility, usually the visa agent / accountant / consultant gets the blame. We have been in this business over a decade. Yet some people think they know better 'I read on the Internet...' 'my friend has the same situation...' 'my lawyer....' 'No, YOU said back then...' 'YOU were supposed to take care of my visa'. Without exception this escalates into: 'Your services SUCK', 'I want a REFUND', 'This is a SCAM', posting crazy reviews etc. etc. If that person would just have come to us in time (i.e: before they are in trouble), listened to our advice, complied to the rules and followed our instructions, they most likely would not have ended up in that situation.

As a result, from this day on, Alexio will provide any Visa & Residence Permit services to selected individuals only.

Thank you for understanding.

The following pages are meant as information pages only. No rights can be derived from them.

  • Business long-term D-Visa Application for non-EU,
  • Family long-term D-Visa Application for non-EU,
  • Business Visa extensions
  • EU Temporary Residence Permit for EU Citizens & Family Members

Business Visa Extension - after the first year in CZ (for non-EU Citizens)

Especially Business Visa Extensions (in fact, it is a transition from a 'visa' to a 'long-term residence permit') require a lot of accounting documents and generally speaking are quite complicated. Many people underestimate the procedure and how long it will take to get all required documents of all authorities. If you throught a Business Visa Application was easy - an Extension is not(!).

Talk to us at least 2 months before the current Business Visa expires, and make sure you have earned enough income else you will run a realistic risk you won't be able to extend at all.

NEW 2017 RULES: Changing Purpose of Stay of long-term Residence Permit (for non-EU Citizens)

Careful, careful: Many people who came as a student (in other words: the purpose of stay is study) are thinking of starting a business after they graduate. It used to be possible to change the purpose of stay from 'student' to 'business' after 2 years. Newly, it is only possible after a stay of at least 5 (FIVE) years. Read the details on the website of the Ministry:

Changing the purpose of long-term residence

Czech long-term D-Visa Application (for non-EU Citizens)

In order to apply for a Czech Business Visa the applicant must fullfil certain requirements.

Read about them here: A visa for a stay of over 90 days (long-term) - Purpose Business (external link)

Addresses and Telephone numbers of Foreign Embassies

For contact information of foreign embassies click here: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (external link)

Temporary Residence Permit Application (for EU Citizens & Family Members)

In order to apply for a Czech Temporary Residence Permit the applicant must fullfil certain requirements.

Read about them here: Temporary residence - EU Citizens and their Family members (external link).

Foreigner's Health Insurance and Public Health Care

The Foreign Police will only accept health insurance of a czech insurance company. We offer Commercial Health Insurance from all large insurance companies (Maxima / AXA/ PVZP / Uniqa), as well as registration into the Czech Public Health Care (VZP)

As a rule of thumb, 3rd Country Nationals should have 'Complex Care' Commercial Health Insurance and EU Citizens should enroll into Public Health Care. For more information, and buying online commercial health insurance, see Czech Health Insurance for Foreigners

IMPORTANT NOTE: US Citizens on a Business Visa, must enroll into Public Health Care, starting 1.5.2016

Alexio DOES NOT send invitation letters

Alexio does not send invitation letters for visa applications. Apply for a tourist visa instead,
or have us form the company remotely and then apply for a business visa directly, based on this company.

Finding accomodation / residence address

Alexio can not help you with finding rental accomodation.

A Virtual Office for a business / trade license can *not* be used as Residence Address for visa purposes.
This is valid for any Virtual Office (not just ours) despite what the provider may tell you.

There are landlords that provide the proof of accomodation (for a fee) before you arrive so you can apply for a visa. However, in case it is not possible to stay at / rent these particular addresses after arrival, most likely it is a fake address. It can be that such a 'landlords' register 50 people at that same address - once such an address is known at the Foreign Police, most likely your visa will be denied.

To avoid any risk, look for rental apartments on S or Bez
Use Google translate for the czech sections, since there are much less apartments listed in the english section.