Visa / Residence Permit Guide for 3rd-Country Nationals

Before being able to enter and stay in Czech Republic a person that does not hold a Schengen-passport (a so-called 3rd-Country National) needs to understand what kind of visas and residence permits there are:

Schengen Visa Types

  • Visa-Free Entry - for tourist purposes (for example for US Citizens),
  • C Visa - for stays up to 90 days, possibility to travel in the Schengen zone,
  • D Visa - for stays longer than 90 days, up to 12 months, in Czech Republic only,
  • C+D Visa: 'mixed-term', this type you need for relocating to Czech Republic, and allows the first 3 months of travelling in the Schengen-zone.

Residence Permit Types

  • Short-term Residence Permit - for shorter than a year,
  • Temporary (Long-term) Residence Permit - for stays over 1 year,
  • Permanent Residence Permit - valid for 10 years, possible after 5 years' stay,
  • Citizenship - not possible to obtain, unless parents are czech.

We recommend that you read all of the following pages, especially the pages about the major changes in visa regulation in 2011 because not following the regulations means getting no visa or visa extension!

The following pages have been written on purpose as a guide so that we do not have to answer the same questions by email over and over again.