Business Visa application and extension recommendations

In the last couple of months of 2010 the Foreign Police has become increasingly strict, especially at the Cigankova location. This was only the tip of the iceberg, since from 01.01.2011 the whole system for visas has been changed drastically (see Changes in conditions for the entry and stay on the territory of the Czech Republic from 2011).

We are greatful if you want us to do your application / extension, but at the same time we warn that there are people that have no realistic chance getting the visa (extended), in most cases however this is because of their own fault or neglect to adhere to the regulations. Therefore below you'll find a number of recommendations to increase your own chances of getting and extending your visa.

Business Visa application and extension recommendations

When applying for / extending a long-term D-Visa:

  • especially for US-Citizens: do not wait until day 89 of your visa-free entry before thinking about getting a visa. Get yourself informed upon arrival. We didn't write the visa guide for nothing.
  • Get a trade license or start an sro company and apply for a long-term business visa, getting a work permit and an employment visa can be very complicated, unless a company really wants you for that particular job
  • Add to the visa application letters of intent by future employers / customers, and at least a 1 page document with motivation why you want a visa (extension),
  • Get a decent czech health insurance (we offer VZP, Maxima, Slavia, Uniqa),
  • Provide for the visa application more than the required minimum of finances (so 150.000 CZK per person instead of the required minimum) - best in a czech bank account,
  • Do not get a fake accomodation proof, get a real rental contract, keep proof of living-related expenses,
  • Come right away to Czech Republic for registration after receiving the visa,
  • Stay in CZ at least 6 months per year if not full-time (per 5 years, max 1 year away),
  • Make sure you have an active personal account, where income and living expenses are visible, not the entire year empty and flash in money only for a couple of days,
  • Your business must have activities and you must have proof of invoices and expenses,
  • Make sure your business adheres to accounting standards, file every year tax return in time,
  • In case you own a foreign business, also bring proof of it as explanation why you are not constantly in Czech Republic.
  • It is not ok to have a sleeping company. This is a fairy tale and will most likely not get you a visa extension. You do not fullfill your purpose of stay (doing business).

Internal rules of the Ministry of Interior deciding on a visa-extension

Below are some of the things the Ministry will / may check:

  • When, after receiving the visa, did the person come for the obligatory arrival registration,
  • How long did the person stay per calendar year in Czech Republic,
  • Does the residence address appear on a blacklist (as fake address),
  • Are there any other visas in the passport (proving necessity to travel abroad),
  • Does the person have family / spouse / partner in Czech Republic,
  • Does the person fullfill the purpose of stay as stated on the visa?
  • Is the person generating more money (salary) than the cost of living?
  • Are there debts at the tax office, social office, health insurance?
  • Is the sro / trade license showing any business activities and filing tax returns?

In case of a check / interview:

  • Is the person really living at this address, remember his address, how does the accommodation and surroundings look like, which trams, metros, buses. What are the people in the building like etc. etc.
  • Does the person have phone, internet, electricity bills to prove he is living here,
  • Is the person really fulfilling the purpose of his visa (really doing business, working as employee or doing something else),
  • Does the person have payslips, sales invoices to prove this purpose of stay,
  • What kind of job / business activities is the person involved in,
  • Does the person speak at least some words Czech (is there any interest in learning the language?).