Trade License registration packages

Benefits of our Trade License registration service:

  • The price the TL Cost Calculator shows includes all the fees: 2x Consultation, 4x Registrations, our fees, translation costs - no hidden costs lateron!
  • We look at your plans before registration the right kind of business (SRO or a Trade License? Are special Trade Licenses required?),
  • We answer all of your questions about Income Tax, VAT, business abroad, Social / Health charges, Visa / Residence Permit
  • We take care of all 4 registrations: the Trade License itself, Tax, Social, Health - You do not have to be present, we can even do this remotely (with you abroad)
  • We teach you how to make an invoice, which bank account to choose, and how to comply to the local rules & regulations (especially Business Visa extension)

After the Trade License Registration, you probably will need:

The idea is that we get you fully prepared as self-employed person in Czech Republic. Unlike other providers, we are experts at accounting- and tax questions.

If you are unsure about how to proceed, or just would like to talk to someone about your plans and all the steps of registration - by all means, book first a single consultation here: Business Consultation for Foreigners.

We offer consultations in our office, by Phone / Skype and by email. We guarantee that in 1 hour you'll get more information than a week browsing the Internet!

We'll even subtract the costs if you decide to take a Trade License registration package lateron.

With us, you have a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

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Trade License Package Options

Each Trade License Registration package contains at least these elements:

1 hr of consultation before registration:
Whether the Trade License is something for you, visa / residence permit questions, social / health insurance questions

1 hr of consultation after registration:
Your status as independent contractor, payments to the czech tax /social / health systems

For more complicated cases, we recommend selecting a package with EXPERT consultation instead of BASIC consultation

included registrations:
Czech Trade License (including registration fee)
Czech Income Tax ID,
Social Insurance Number,
VZP Public Health Care (for EU) registration (change), or help getting commercial health insurance (for most non-EU)

optional is:
  • VAT registration
  • Virtual Office
  • Visa or Residence Permit application
  • translation of foreign documents
  • commercial health insurance.

The costs of the package will be automatically calculated in the below Order Form.

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1-hour Business Consultation

We highly recommend booking a 1 hour of business consultation before registering a Trade License. This can be done online, and you select a day / hour that is suitable for you. The consultation can also take place by email.

We will guide you in the process from your idea to a working business in Czech Republic, including topics such as Accounting, Taxes, VAT, health insurance, residence permit / visas and any other question you may have.

Registration at the Taxoffice, Filing a Corporate Income Tax Return

After the Trade License registration is complete, we will register you at the tax office for Income Tax (and optionally for VAT). The registration for Personal Income Tax (PIT) is included in the price of the package.

A Trade License owner must file a Personal Income Tax Return each year, even if the business has had no activities.
Costs of the Income Tax Return depend on how much documents need to be processed, but starts at 5.000 CZK.

Registration at the Social Office, Public Health Care / Commercial Health Insurance

After the Trade License registration is complete, further we will register you at the social office and for Health Insurance. These registrations are included in the price of the package.

While everybody needs to pay Social Contributions, not every foreigner can enroll into Public Health Care. EU-Citizens are obligated to do so, but 3rd-Country Nationals usually have Commercial Health Insurance. We always make sure you have the right insurance, and this service is included in the price of the package.

VAT Registration

If the expected turnover in CZ in 12 consecutive months is over 1.000.000 CZK, it is obligatory to register for VAT. If the turnover is smaller, you can choose to voluntarily register for VAT.

When providing / using goods or services from the EU, a VAT-registration is almost always an obligation.

The VAT regulations in Czech Republic have been adjusted almost every year. We have written a rather extensive article on VAT / trading in the EU, which you can find here:.

Recommended Reading - General Information about the Trade License

For anyone interested in registering a Trade License in Czech Republic,
or still deciding what type of business to start, we recommend reading this article:

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