A Few Quick Questions Only?

You don't want to book an entire 1-hour consultation?

Here you can book a 30-minute Phone / Whatsapp call.

Conditions / Limitations

This is Call / Talk only, no ZOOM / Google MEET session. It is a budget version for quick, short answers. There is no extension or follow-up after the 30 minutes expire.

If you expect video calls, screen shares, real-time calculations, pdf examples, links to information: book a full 60-minute consultation instead.


How it works?

You make the payment by Credit Card - after successful payment you will be redirected to a booking page where you can pick a day / time for the 30-minute timeslot.

In the beta version there was a 1 Question / 10 minute option without sheduling possibility. This did not work for 2 reasons: it is confusing for both client and me when the call was going to be, and secondly, 10 minutes is not enough time to listen to the questions (it was never just one) and to come up with a reasonable answer / solution. Therefore, the time slot is now 30 minutes, but WITH possibility to book a day / hour and WITH the option to leave a short description. In this way, I can serve you much better because we do not need to rush things.

Looking forward to talking with you!

ing. Roald A van de Munt,
Owner / Senior Consultant