Any Questions? Business Consultation for Foreigners!

Many foreigners are surfing the net looking for answers concerning business and living in Czech Republic, and on our website you can find a lot of information about doing business, accounting, taxes and visas in Czech Republic, but of course this is general information, and may be not specific enough.

Since 2007, we have helped 1000s of starting entrepreneurs with our consultancy service. We'll look at your plans from all sides - and based on that decide what is the best. It's not our aim to sell you the most expensive option - our aim is to get you set up in the best / most economical way for you, because happy customer = returning customer.

In one hour you will get more information than in a week surfing the Internet! Guaranteed!

We offer 3 types of consultation: in our Office, by Email or by Phone / Skype.

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Business Consultation - from simple to complex issues:

A consultation with our Senior Business Consultant is for questions such as:
  • Starting a Business / as self-employed in Czech Republic,
  • Basic Trade License & Visa Questions,
  • Starting a Trade License vs Forming an SRO,
  • Residence Permits / Business Visas - Applications & Extensions,
  • Accounting / High or Foreign Income Tax optimization / VAT issues,
  • Invoicing abroad / in EU, Owner / Shareholder in foreign Company / LLC,
  • Complex Income Tax / Social Charges / Health Insurance issues,
  • Hiring (foreign) employees or external workers, different forms of contracts,
  • Common-sense Advice on Business Plan / Business Idea,
  • Income Tax Optimization for Trade License / SRO.

Some issues may be really complex. If you think that is the case you can always send us an email before booking a consultation to find out if we can help you with a particular issue.

Costs for Consultation & Rescheduling Policy

The Costs for Consultation are 80 EUR / 2000 CZK per hour or email session.

Unfortunately, due to an increasing number of last-minute cancellations / non-shows / 'not having cash on me' / 'I did not know I have to pay' we had to take the difficult decision not to accept bookings any longer without prior payment.

Payment for consultations in our office and by Phone / Skype are handled by our online booking system and currently is only possible by Credit Card in EURO. If you wish to pay by PayPay (in CZK or EUR), please contact us by email and we'll send you a PayPal request, after which you will receive voucher code for booking online.

Also for Email consultations payment in advance by PayPal / Credit Card is required.

If you need to reschedule a meeting, please do this at least 4 hours before the meeting start, then it's free of charge. Within 4 hours of meeting start we charge 50%, in case of a no-show we charge 100% of the consultation fee.

3 Types: Consultation in our Office, by Email or by Phone / Skype.

Consultation in our office
The meeting takes place in our office in Prague-center, on Mánesova 864/19, Vinohrady, 12000 Praha 2.
During this meeting you will meet the Owner / Business Consultant, and you will talk about your (business) plans and answer any question that you have.

Consultation by Email
The email consultation works best if you send a list of questions and we send answers. The email exchange does not necessarily take place in a (one) specific hour; on average it takes 3-4 emails before all of your questions are answered, but those are all covered in the initial fee.

Consultation by Phone / Skype
After booking a timeslot in our online system, you can make a payment by Credit Card. If you are based in Europe / Czech Republic we can call you, on our expenses, using an ordinary Phone - usually the sound quality is a lot better then Skype. If you Prefer Skype, you can indicate so on the booking form.

Try before you Buy
Use the consultation as a try-before-you-buy before deciding on services from our or a competing company.
It's a small investment from your side, but you will have certainty that we know what we're talking about.

nl flag Consultatie in het Nederlands
Soms is het prettig om een gesprek in Nederlands te hebben - dat kan! Boek een Consultation met Roald aub.

Book a Consultation
in our office
Book an Email
Book a Phone/Skype